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Our Team


Our team is the Franchise’s most valuable asset. Combined the team possesses the skills and experiences of experts in different fields from hospitality, gastronomy, financial services, business management, to media and communications to help power the Scandinavian tasting experience forward.

Runar Einarsrud

Runar was born and raised in Norway in a family intimately familiar with the hospitality and food industries. His enthusiasm for both industries was cultivated at home along  with lessons from his parents about the importance of passion, love, and care in whatever work he put his name behind.

As an adult, Runar opened companies of his own in the hospitality and food industries in Norway and later decided to export the essence of his experience to the rest of the world.

As a result, Runar created the Scandinavian Co, The Scandinavian Bakery and Coffee House holding company, in the United States and opened its first store in South Florida. The Scandinavian Bakery and Coffee House has since acquired loyal customers and brand lovers who praise the brand’s high quality pastry, bakery and coffee, as well as the inspiring atmosphere that its stores bring to life.

Anthony Jarrín


Anthony is the Founder & CEO of The Cannaregio Group, a private investment and advisory firm. Born and raised in Ecuador, Anthony started his professional path at Vanderbilt University when he moved to the United States at the age of eighteen. Here he graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Administration.

Following twenty years on Wall Street and as a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, Anthony started his own private equity
firm. Founded in 2014, he worked as an investor and start-up operator in the real estate, hospitality, consumer goods, media, and technology industries. Soon after he crossed paths with Runar Einarsrud and the Scandinavian Bakery and Coffee House through his friend and business partner, Trisha Carter.

Trisha Carter

Trisha was born in the United States but raised in Norway. By trade, she is a professional ballerina with a vested interest in international business, trade, and economics.

In 2013, Trisha met Anthony and subsequently created Virtuos Capital as an affiliate of the Cannaregio Group. The driving passion behind Virtuos Capital is its philanthropic pursuit of supporting the performing arts with consulting, managing, and financing services, all of which is made financially possible by the joint projects between Anthony’s and Trisha’s respective firms.

By complete coincidence, Trisha came across the Scandinavian Bakery & Coffee House in south Florida and took a chance on contacting the, then unknown to her, owner in Norwegian. Her risk was favorably rewarded when Runar responded positively to Trisha’s inquiry about franchising. Within a matter of weeks, Runar, Anthony, and Trisha had joined forces to grow and expand the Scandinavian brand from its single store to the global stage.

Beatríz Pérez


Beatríz is an entrepreneur born and raised in Ecuador who, after creating a career in the local media and real estate
industries, decided to move to Argentina.

Following a visit from Anthony Jarrin to Buenos Aires, Beatríz was eager to join the Scandinavian Bakery & Coffee House
team and she joined the Scandinavian Co project in 2017 as partner and head of the Latin American expansion process. To her, it was an easy choice to join once understanding the brand value in a city like Buenos Aires, with the highest population of second-generation European immigrants on the South American content.